Sunday, July 19, 2009

International T@B Rally at Sunset Lakes

Millie, Mom, and I just returned from the 3rd International T@B Rally out in the Quad Cities. About 44 trailers attended-- many folks I had already known from previous rallies, but I also got to meet some new folks too. I gave a seminar on various technologies for the road (portable TV, wifi, & cellular), and also took the group photo above. Others gave seminars on dutch oven cooking, T@B electrical systems, and various modifications made to their trailers. Each night we had great food and/or entertainment (one night even featured an outdoor movie of Lucy & Desi's "The Long Long Trailer" which was fun).

The rally was held at a pretty RV resort called Sunset Lakes-- which really lived up to it's name one night with this spectacular sunset--

Most of us got big shady sites along the lake which worked out great for me as I could launch my canoe right from my campsite and could paddle around to see the other T@Bs from the water.

Millie had a great time as well playing frisbee every morning in the dew-covered grass and going swimming every hot & humid afternoon to cool off. After a swim, she'd come in to lay down on her raised canvas bed to drip-dry-- what a perfect dog vacation!