Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Off to Greener Pastures!

A month ago, I posted T@Bitu for sale with the desire to not let her spend another lonely summer at the storage lot. I got a number of inquiries from far and wide-- one couple even drove all the way from Houston to come see her (they'd never seen a T@B before, and unfortunately realized it was not going to be the kind of trailer they'd be happy with-- they actually were looking for something SMALLER!).

This was also my first time posting something for sale to Craigslist. As expected, I did get a fair share of "spam" and fraudster kind of replies. Fortunately, I set up a new gmail account to handle all of that stuff, but some of them were pretty crazy--- one email told me they wished to pay my full asking price sight unseen-- all I had to do was send them my PayPal account information (yeah, right!). Another said my T@B looked perfect, but they had found this other one cheaper and gave me a hyperlink to click that then wanted my Craigslist login and password (uh huh, sure!). Yet another, inquired like a normal person, but then sent me a "form letter" kind of email with all sorts of grammatical errors and odd sentences (sort of like the old Nigerian bank account scam, so again, "no way, Jose' !").

About a week ago, mixed in with all these crazy inquiries was one from a very nice young couple from Wisconsin. They came down to see the T@B and ended up making an offer that same night. T@Bitu got everything she ever wanted in her new owners-- they love to camp, had been tent campers who were looking to upgrade and appreciate all the T@B's comfy features, and were excited at the prospect of longer cross-country trips. To top it off, they have a nice matching silver car to match the T@B's exterior, and also have a nice light brown dog about the same size as Millie who will be right at home with the T@B's tan interior!

Today, I gave the new owners a crash course in T@B operations, and then got T@Bitu hitched up to their shiney new hitch ball, and off she went to her loving new home! Happy camping to T@Bitu and her new owners for many years to come!

Meanwhile, I'm still planning to attend future T@B rallies with my remaining T@B trailer....and this one really IS a small T@B!

I'll probably just post future updates to my Winnie Views blog from here on out, so be sure to "Follow" me there to hear about my first "post T@B" T@B rally next month!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lonesome T@B looking for a new home

Hello everyone-- This is T@Bitu. Ever since Lynne bought that big white View motorhome two years ago, I've waited patiently at the storage lot with all the other lonely trailers for her to come hitch me up and take me places. But she only took me out once last year!

Well, Spring has now sprung again and I'm tired of waiting any longer! I want a new home with owners who will take me camping to see all the pretty places again. Can you please help me? Please!!!

I just got a whole bunch of new pictures taken of me this week. Lynne is including lots of my favorite things such as my matching silver T@B awning, Olympian Wave 3 heater, and more.

Me and my extra things are located in suburban Chicago. If you'd like to know more, contact Lynne via Comments below to come take a look at me!