Sunday, November 18, 2007

T@Bless No More!

I picked up my replacement T@B yesterday from Vacationland RV (Big Rock, IL). It's the second T@B and third camper I've bought from them in three years, and I also have stored my campers on their lot during the winter, so we know each other pretty well now. They're a terrific dealer with excellent service and low prices.

While I waited for them to install a hitch on my blue Subaru, I looked at their new T@DA trailer (the "bigger" version of the T@B). It was about the same as the one I had seen at the Minden rally last summer. It was a nice trailer, especially for a couple with a child, but a bit excessive for my needs. I was still glad a chose to get another T@B.

Here are a few more pictures of my T@B's homecoming... the interior is a golden tan color with brown accents (matches Millie's fur quite nicely!). I really LOVE the new stove and sink. Both have flush-mounted black tempered glass covers, and the stove now has an auto-ignition so you don't need to fool with matches or a lighter. So good to be a T@Bber again!!!

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