Sunday, April 6, 2008

Preparing for our next big adventure

Well, if Mom, Millie and I didn't have enough of an adventure last summer in the Rockies (coming home car-less and T@B-less), we're planning to tempt the Gods again and take another big adventure this year too! We're planning to do the Pacific Northwest in May and June.

To get T@Bitu a bit more comfortable and functional for the
trip, I've been making a few modifications lately--

First, I moved the spare tire from underneath the T@B (impossible to access) to a tongue-mounted carrier (slightly easier access).

Next, I removed the heavy, large folding T@B table, and replaced it with a lightweight, small TV tray for daytime use, and some wooden "bed slats" for nighttime use to support the queen bed. Not only are the bed slats about 25 lbs lighter than the T@B table, they also allow more open space beneath the slats to store extra cargo. This is by far, the best $20 mod you can ever make to your T@B! Thanks to California Al from the Yahoo T@B Owners' Forum for the suggestion!

Next, I reinstalled the screen door from my old T@B into this one. However, rather than installing it the same way the factory does (where it opens towards the couch), I removed and reversed the snap tabs so that the door now opens towards the fridge for a bit less claustrophobic feel when you enter and exit the T@B.

Finally, to make our 6,000 mile trip as smooth as possible, I bought a pair of shocks from Jeremy on the Yahoo T@B Owners' Forum and had my dealer install them for me. The T@B now tows more quietly and smoothly-- what a nice ride!


Anonymous said...

Hi T@Bitu (aka Lynne) - I would like to make a similar modification for sleeping as you have by using the wooden slats vs the table. Can you tell me about the wood you used? How thick was it and did you use pine or a hardwood such as oak?
Thanking you in advance for the info! Vonda, Yorktown, VA,
FanT@Bulous Ladybug!!!

Lynne said...

Hi Vonda:
I got the lumber from Lowe's. Just basic pine that had the corners rounded already and come 8' long. The slats were 1x4's (actually 3/4"x 3-1/2" I believe), and the side rails were 1x2's. All I had to do was measure and cut the length to size with a circular saw, and then sand the edges smooth. I then finished them with some Minwax clear varnish. For connecting the side rails, I used brass wood screws-- think they were about 1-1/2" or 2" long. Pretty easy project for a non-carpenter like myself!

T@B-NorCal said...


I like the idea of your spare tire carrier mounted to the tongue. I haven't been able to find this type of bracket from the normal sources. Can you provide me with the resource? Thanks!

Lynne said...

The tire carrier is made by Tropos Manufacturing. Here is their contact info. More details are on the Yahoo tabtrailers user forum:

Tropos Manufacturing LLC
phone: (208) 948-9259

Louise said...

Thank you very much for the information on making the bed slats. My husband surprised me by building the bed to your specs for my birthday. It came out fabulous. So happy to retire the huge, heavy and awkward drop down table. Thanks. Louise and Ted