Saturday, April 19, 2008

Let there be light

Millie was quite excited to finally try out the new Firedancer LP gas firepit after it'd been sitting in the box for months waiting for winter to finally end. The Firedancer is great for folks like me who are terrible fire builders and/or don't like to haul wood around or put lots of excess smoke into the air. It creates a modest amount of heat and is fast and easy to turn on and off.

At last Fall's T@B rally at Starved Rock, we had a gift exchange of "great T@B camping items for under $5 bucks", and I received this terrific flat nightlight that emits a nice green glowing light from Dennis & Darlene. It's super handy to have in a pitch black T@B at night!

Another T@B friend, Terry, gave a great idea of using solar landscaping lights as supplemental evening lighting instead of sucking up battery power using the T@B's incandescent porch light. I found a pair of stainless steel "torch" patio lights at Wal-Mart for $20 and thought they'd be perfect for the T@B. They're small and easy to store, and can also be easily carried as a mini lantern, or used inside for extra "free" lighting. I love them!

Finally, one other way to minimize the use of the power-sucking T@B lights when dry camping is to use LED lights instead. I found this under-cabinet strip light at Camping World and it provides great additional lighting.

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