Sunday, April 20, 2008

Little stuff

Here are a few odds and ends that make life more comfortable with the T@B.

First, these simple stainless steel over-the-door hooks from Bed, Bath & Beyond are terrific for use for hanging coats, towels, toiletry bags, pot holders and other items. They're less than $5 each and well worth it!

The T@B has a limited amount of cargo capacity, so while you physically might be able to load up the trailer with tons of stuff, the frame itself is not rated to carry that much weight. So, as a consequence, you need to always be looking for the lightest weight solutions for every item you carry in the T@B. I bought a set of lightweight Bugaboo cooking pots and Lexan unbreakable plastic dishware from REI. The mesh storage bags also make them easy to store.

The pots use a removable grip handle and the skillets do double duty as lids to the larger pots.

Interiors of the pots are all Teflon coated.

The Lexan dishes and cups are stored inside it's own salad bowl and meat platter.

The kit also includes 4 cups, plates, and bowls.This space-saving folding lug wrench is great and easily opens to a full sized version.

Finally, to avoid buying/transporting lots of those 1 lb propane bottles, I bought this LP hose which connects a large propane cylinder to outdoor LP appliances (such as my LP Grill).

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