Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pike Place Market & Pioneer Square

One evening, Mom & I did up the tourist sights in downtown Seattle -- Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square. It was a great time to go! Parking around the market is typically pretty scarce or requires that you walk up flights of stairs to get to it, but arriving just before closing time, we were able to get a spot right next to the market and get lots of nice shots of the produce and fish without having to contend with hoards of other shoppers.

The market is quite large-- half of it is indoors and the other half is outdoors along the streets.

Mom posing for the "typical Seattle tourist" shot--

The pig in front of Pike Place Fish Market Co. welcoming shoppers to the market.

Pike Place Fish Company are the zany fish-throwing folks who inspired the book "Fish."
Finally, some more random shots of the market--

After the market, we headed over to Pioneer Square with it's giant totem, and one of the oldest and most architecturally interesting neighborhoods in the city.


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