Monday, May 12, 2008


Seattle at last! It was great to be in the same place for more than one night! While I worked during the day from the T@B, Mom would go out scouting sights for us to see that evening.

On the first night, we decided to go out sightseeing before we'd done any research on good places to go for dinner. By the time we had seen the sights and were ready for dinner, the only non-fastfood place we could find was a Chinese Buffet in Kent. It had a big huge banner sign above the door that said "Voted one of the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants". When we walked in and looked around, everyone in there was either anglo or hispanic-- very few asians. Note to self--- if an ethnic restaurant needs a giant sign over the door to attract customers, and then has no customers of it's stated ethnicity eating there....turn around and RUN out the door! This place was gawd awful. The "Top 100" contest apparently must have only had 100 entries, and this place was #100!

Fortunately, it was our only really bad meal on the entire trip. A few nights later, we had a fantastic seafood dinner at place called Salty's in Redondo Beach. We got a table overlooking a nice sunset on Puget Sound and had some terrific, fresh wild salmon, clam chowder, and wine. Sure made up for the Chinese Buffet experience!

Meanwhile, Millie was having her own fun. Mom had stumbled across a great 40 acre off-leash dog park up on a ridge overlooking the valley and the Cascades. After almost a week of being stuffed into the little back seat of the Subaru, Millie was absolutely thrilled to be out running through tall cool green grass catching her favorite orange Frisbee.... and to get a nice big bowl of water afterwards...the big dog smile says it all!

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