Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cannon Beach & the northern Oregon coast

Ah sweet happiness! After a few brief swims in the Sound and lakes up in Canada, Millie was finally back to one of her greatest life pleasures of running leash-free along a sunny, sandy Pacific Ocean beach fetching driftwood sticks! This beach was at the town of Seaside, OR which had a bustling downtown shopping/tourist area with a few art deco buildings and a nice boardwalk.

On our drive over to Cannon Beach from Portland, we stopped at a large "log cabin" restaurant, Camp 18, that appeared to be in the middle of nowhere. It turned out to be a pretty interesting place with lots of hand-carved wood, historic logging items, and excellent food! Here's a shot of their front doors (notice the handle made from an old hatchet!):

The town of Cannon Beach was pretty, but seemed a bit on the dull side due to their strict residential zoning restrictions (not even a gas station allowed in town!). One place we did like though, was Mo's Chowder overlooking the beach just south of Cannon rock. The beach was the perfect spot to photograph the next night when the sun peeked out from beneath the clouds for a few brief moments of our otherwise very cloudy, rainy week along the coast.

After a few days in Cannon Beach, we started heading south down the coast. Here was the coastline from just north of Manzanita:

The little beach town of Manzanita was a fun stop. They had some similar "weathered beach cottage" houses like Cannon Beach (this one even had Callas in the front yard!), and the downtown had some cute little shops including a doggie boutique where Millie got a number of interesting new goodies-- a traveling water bottle/dish combo, a frisbee that floats, and a new trendy looking collar and leash set.The next stop south was the dairy town of Tillamook with it's terrific Tillamook Cheese Factory & Ice Cream Shop. We stopped for a cone and to watch the factory workers "cut the cheese"!

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