Monday, October 6, 2008

Quechee Gorge & Dewey's Mill Pond

Millie and I made the brief journey from Woodstock, NH to Woodstock, VT within a couple hours and set up camp at the KOA near White River Junction and the Quechee Gorge.

As we drove to the gorge for the first time, we saw Quechee's resident balloon taking off for an afternoon trip.
A tall iron bridge spans the Quechee Gorge, and allows pedestrians to walk over it and take pictures of the gorge. Most tourist shots are taken in the middle of the day and look like this:
So, one morning just after sunrise, I decided to try photographing the gorge again. This time, the ground fog was just lifting to provide a more interesting image.

Upstream from the gorge, was a small dam that created a marvelous small lake called Dewey's Mill Pond, which was an idyllic canoeing opportunity one afternoon, made even better when the Quechee balloon reappeared over the horizon!

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