Sunday, October 5, 2008


It was cloudy and rained much of the first week I was in Vermont (which was actually not so bad as I had to work anyway). But clouds and rain aren't always such a bad thing-- one evening, the sun managed to pop out briefly at sunset-- and this marvelous rainbow appeared!

Vermont State Capitol, Montpelier, VT

Vermont is perhaps the most historically preserved state in the country.
They've had strict statewide laws on the books that prohibit new construction unless it can be proven not to cause any environmental impact whatsoever. As a result, buildings are maintained and renovated rather than demolished, and except for a few interstate exits and small sections in a few of the larger towns, there are no strip malls, no fast food drive-thrus, no big box retailers, or other trappings of modern day commerce found throughout much of America.

So, while some Vermonters have wished for more accessible modern conveniences, it is a photographer's and tourist's oasis from a sea of asphalt and homogenized retail chain stores.

Barns in central Vermont

Farmhouse in central Vermont
Another central Vermont farm
Covered bridge in Vermont

Old schoolhouse in central Vermont

Of course, the buildings aren't the only things that are well-preserved. Vermont's streams, ponds, and forests are also vibrant and clean. They have a saying that the Green Mountain state of Vermont was "Green before Green was cool" true!

One warm autumn afternoon, Millie just had to take a little dip in one of the cool, clear, roadside mountain streams
. What a delight!

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