Monday, September 18, 2006

At the Boarding House

My brother Randy doesn't have a guest room/bed at his house, but fortunately has some well-heeled friends with rarely-used mountain condos. He arranged for Mom, Dolores, and I to stay at one friend's condo in Edwards, in the next town over from Randy's. The condo was beautifully decorated and right on the banks of the Eagle river looking at a mountainside.

The second night there, Randy had come over to go out to dinner with us. When we returned to the condo, we noticed someone had come in and put a bag of golf clubs in the middle of one of the bedrooms! Randy called the owner to see if he might know what was going on. The generous owner had apparently gotten his lending dates mixed up and thought he'd leant the condo to one of his golfing buddies the week after us, but alas, the guy was in town now and had apparently just dropped his clubs off before going out for a bite to eat.

Fortunately, the young man, Angelo, could not have been a nicer guy, and we all had a great couple of days as gypsies at "the boarding house." Angelo was a golf club pro from Montrose who had come up to Edwards/Vail for a golf tournament. He had left his wife at home with the two small kids while he was surely looking forward to some peace and quite at his buddy's condo. Instead he got mothered by Dolores and Mom for two non-stop evenings of stories and jokes. The only one who didn't seem to like Angelo too much was Millie. She decided to put on her "I hate men" act and quietly growled or shyed away from him almost the whole time. Maybe it was the golf hat, or maybe the big shoes and low voice....who knows what that demented little dog was thinking!

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