Sunday, September 17, 2006

Indian food in Omaha

Millie and I started on our first big trailer trip out west to see my brother, Randy, and photograph the fall aspen colors. We were tailed the whole way by my mom and one of her friends, Dolores, who were also wanting to drive out to Colorado. We decided to spend the first night at a hotel in Omaha.

I was last in Omaha back in 2001 doing a software installation project for a physician practice there. The customer was a real dud, but I enjoyed the visits there with the other consultant I was working with. He was originally from India and introduced me to Indian food for the first time in Omaha of all places.

We used to frequent a great Indian restaurant downtown in Omaha's Old Market district (a very cool historic/trendy area with lots of restaurants and shops---, so when my mom and I started planning to spend the evening in Omaha, that was the first place I thought about going back to.

The restaurant (Indian Oven) was the same as I remembered. It was a warm evening, so Mom, Dolores and I decided to eat at one of the sidewalk tables beneath the tin-roof canopies that cover all the sidewalks in the Old Market. We ordered the things I'd remembered my Indian friend ordering for me (samosas and tandoori chicken) and a few other things the waitress recommended. A greenish sauce came with the samosas, so all of us being adventurous, decided to dunk our samosas right into it. It tasted great at first....but then some kind of chili or curry kicked in and Dolores claimed not be able to feel her lips again for another hour or so. Where was my expert Indian guide when we needed him?!! Well, the rest of the meal was great, and I've yet to eat Indian food in any other town except Omaha, Nebraska!

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