Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Vail Oktoberfest

Everybody in Vail seems to have a cool laid back dog that calmly walks amidst the crowded streets or calmly waits outside the restaurant while their owners eat lunch.

That is, except for my dog. She wanted to run up and kiss all other dogs and children, and generally wanted to keep a 10 foot distance from any man, that is unless the man happens to have beer (her real name is Miller, after all!).

One couple came to pet her and I was surprised to see her quite pleasant to the man. His wife then mentioned that he had just spilled a beer all over his hands, so that certainly explained why Millie was lavishing him with slobbery kisses!

Vail was celebrating their annual Oktoberfest, so the streets were pretty jammed with beer-toting cheerful singing and dancing folks. Since it's a skiing mecca, there were real Germans and Austrians leading their Oktoberfest (as opposed to the less authentic fests we have in the Midwest).

Good music, food, and beer was had by all!

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