Sunday, February 18, 2007

Day 10 - Yosemite to Paso Robles

I stopped by the Ansel Adams Gallery on my way out of the valley. The cashier was saying that it had been one of the warmest weekends ever for February (in the low 60's during the day), but that there was a chance of snow that night. Ah, too late for me though. I needed to leave for the coast where I'd be working all week. Unfortunately, no good wifi coverage or electric hookups in Yosemite Valley!

Well, not 10 minutes after I started driving out of the valley, it began to rain and didn't stop the rest of the day. That made me feel a little better about this being my driving day.

I spent the night at a ritzy upscale RV resort in the wine country of Paso Robles. Everyone in the park had big motorhomes or 5th Wheels, except for me and my little T@B! They had a nice fenced-in dog area where Millie could finally run with her leash off. She instantly made friends with a bulldog named Dolly Madison as I chatted with Dolly's owner and another guy who had just moved back to the mainland from Hawaii. One way to feel like a hot young thing is to hang out at ritzy RV parks. I think I was the youngest single female there!

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