Friday, February 23, 2007

Day 15 - Morro Bay to Barstow

Our week in Morro Bay went by far too quickly and it was now time for us to pack up and start the long drive home. I finished up work Friday afternoon so that we could drive down the coast while it was still daylight.

I had considered spending the week in the Santa Barbara or Pismo Beach areas before I settled on Morro Bay, and was so glad I didn't! Pismo seemed rather seedy to me, and most of the Santa Barbara beach scenes were ruined by dozens of offshore oil rigs dotting the horizon. Additionally, traffic was a mess down there!

Millie and I stopped in Malibu just as the sun was setting. Millie got to do one final run on the beach and pretend to be a blonde bimbo Malibu girl....

While I admired our little Malibu beach house!

The rest of the evening was numbingly frustrating as I stupidly drove through L.A. during Friday night rush hour(s). It was still bumper-to-bumper as late as 9:00pm nearly all the way out to Barstow!

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