Monday, February 19, 2007

Day 11 - Paso Robles to Morro Bay

In the morning, I made the quick drive over to the coast to begin my California work week at Morro Bay. The park had excellent wifi, so I was even able to work from my lounge chair outside (that's my laptop on the chair!).

A really nice thing about working in California was that if I did my workday on Central or Eastern time, I could be done in time for a couple hours of sunset shooting each day! My RV park was only 1 block from a terrific sandy beach called the Strand, on the northside of Morro rock. It was also a dog beach, so Millie was in absolute 7th heaven!

Just south of Morro Bay, we found another gorgeous dog beach at Montana de Oro State Park. After watching the sunset, Millie got chased around a bit by a chocolate lab named Buddy. She's such a tease!

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