Monday, February 12, 2007

Day 4 - Holbrook to Kingman, AZ

Holbrook, Arizona is a terrific Route 66 town filled with lots of visual eye candy. Here's the Rainbow Rock Shop where one of the dinosaurs is munching on a lady mannequin.

And then, Holbrook's most famous attraction, the Wigwam Motel (where every room is in it's own concrete teepee!). Oprah and Gail stayed here on their drive across America last summer (they even brought their own sheets, wonder why!). But today, the motel was closed. Not sure if it's closed for good or just closed for the season, but the owner likes to keep his collection of classic cars out on the property in front of each wigwam, so it made for some great photos, especially with my recently converted infrared digital camera!

After taking in the sights of Holbrook, I backtracked a bit east to see Petrified Forest National Park in eastern Arizona. Even though the midday light was not the greatest for photography, it was a very interesting geological park nonetheless.

There was once an ancient forest here millions of years ago. Rather than the large trees decomposing back into the soil, some of them hardened and stayed preserved, turning into petrified rock. The colors in these rocks are just amazing (even when there not yet polished like the scraps that some of the tourist shops sell just outside the park).

At the north end of the park is yet another twist of geology--- the Painted Desert range of brilliant red rocks that is in a lower-level plateau that stretches for miles. I believe this is the southern-most tip of the same kinds of rock that are found a few hours north in Monument Valley.

After my morning park tour, it was time to hit the road again. This time, doing some driving on the real 2-lane old Route 66. Here is a spot near Holbrook.

And one of my favorite shots of vintage Route 66 at sunset just outside of Seligman, Arizona.

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